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Partnership with Life EMS

August 29, 2022

In July Life EMS and West Michigan Community Mental Health partnered to fight the opiate epidemic in our community.

EMT’s will offer West Michigan CMH treatment services information/ pamphlet to those on the scene of a suspected opioid overdose. This information will include contact information for patients, family members, and friends to contact WMCMH for treatment services or for more information.

EMS will send WMCMH the individual’s basic contact information so that WMCMH can reach out to them to check in on their well-being, educate on services and supports that they might find helpful and more.

Just another way that WMCMH is working together with our community – for our community.

Lori Schummer is the Director of Public Relations and Customer Services at West Michigan Community Mental Health. She may be reached by calling (231) 843-5485 or email