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Adult Services

Our Adult Care Management Program provides clinical support services to those living with serious and persistent mental illness.

At West Michigan CMH, we believe that you are an expert in your own care. Therefore, we’ll work together with you to create a plan of service that works for you.

Your plan will be tailored to meet your own specific needs. It will be designed to empower you and help you achieve your own personal development goals. Our goal is to support you in this process.

Services provided by West Michigan CMH or one of our network providers include:


Outpatient Therapy

Mental Health Therapy and Counseling includes therapy or counseling designed to help improve functioning and relationships with other people. Outpatient therapy may be the only services a person receives or may be part of a whole array of services that someone receives—depending on what is most appropriate to each person’s needs. Outpatient therapy may be provided to individuals or in groups.


Care Management

Supports Coordination or Targeted Case Management: A case manager is a staff person who helps write an individual plan of service and makes sure the services are delivered. His or her role is to listen to a person’s goals, and to help find the services and providers inside and outside the local community mental health services program that will help achieve the goals. A supports coordinator or case manager may also connect a person to resources in the community for employment, community living, education, public benefits, and recreational activities. Care managements primary focus is on linking, coordinating, and monitoring services with the individual to ensure that each person gets the services most appropriate to their needs and in accordance with their person-centered plan.


Medication and Health Services

  • Medication and health services include a variety of different components designed to best meet the needs of each individual. Services begin with a comprehensive Health Assessment and Psychiatric Evaluation to best understand the unique symptoms and experiences you have to determine if medications are likely to assist with your unique challenges.
  • If medications are appropriate to your needs, West Michigan CMH doctors and nurses will work with you to follow up regularly on your medications and to see how the medications are affecting your symptoms and overall health.
    • Certain lab work may be completed to ensure the medications you need are appropriate to your needs and symptoms and to ensure that there are no negative side effects on your overall health.
  • West Michigan CMH health services team members will coordinate your medication treatment with your care manager and with your primary care physician.
  • Your appointments with a psychiatrist may be in person or may occur via telepsychiatry. Telepsychiatry is where you meet with a psychiatrist over a secure television connection.


Peer Supports

Peer-Delivered and Peer Specialist Services: Peer Services are delivered by persons who have lived experience with a mental health condition. Peers are a valuable part of the care team at West Michigan CMH. They work with persons to help them achieve their recovery goals from the unique perspective of having their own mental health condition and recovery story.


Skills Building

Skill-Building Assistance includes supports, services, and training to help a person participate actively at school, work, volunteer or community settings, or to learn social skills they may need to support themselves or to get around in the community. These services may be provided by Peers or by other clinical staff. These services may be one-to-one or in groups and may be delivered in a variety of settings including our office, your home, or the community.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an intensive service array that combines intensive individual therapy, individual and group skill building, peer services, and peer coaching to support lasting changes to how individuals interact with and perceive their environment. DBT is a specialized service designed for persons with a specific set of symptoms and needs.


Family Education and Support Group (FPE)

Family Education and Support Group assist adults with mental illness, their family members, and staff members develop skills that will assist them in managing problems posed by the mental illness in their lives. Group members lean what mental illness is, how to cope with symptoms, and basic communications and problem solving, which lead to forming a team that will work together towards recovery.


Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACT)

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is a unique combination of very specialized services designed to help people who are experiencing many complex challenges associated with their mental health condition. It provides many of the services listed above in exactly the right combination to meet the person’s unique intensive needs to promote increasing independence in the community. ACT may be provided as frequently as daily for individuals who participate.


More intensive services

On occasion, more intensive services may be necessary to support treatment of your mental health condition. These services may include brief hospitalization and/or specialized crisis stabilization services. Your care manager or psychiatrist will speak with you directly and explain these services in detail if they believe these services are necessary to meet your needs.



This is not an exhaustive list of services available. As part of assessment and person-centered planning, your care manager will assist you in determining what other services might be appropriate to meet your recovery goals.


West Michigan CMH’s clinical support services for mental illness can be a valuable asset in your journey toward wellness. Contact us today to learn more.