In Crisis? Suicidal?

If you or someone you know is thinking of suicide or is in emotional distress, please call:


We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A caring, trained clinician is waiting to take your call.

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Customer Services

Customer Services Department

The West Michigan CMH Customer Services Department would be happy to assist you with any questions, concerns, or inquiries you may have.

Simply contact our Customer Services by phone during business hours Monday through Friday at 800-992-2061.

If you need to contact us outside of business hours, feel free to call and leave a message with the following information:

  • Your name
  • A phone number where you can be reached
  • A description of the reason for the call

Someone from our Customer Services team will return your call within one business day.

How West Michigan CMH Customer Services can help you:

  • Welcome and orient you to our services
  • Coordinate with appropriate staff to ensure your questions have been addressed
  • Provide further assistance in understanding your available benefits
  • Resolve any problems relating to benefits — including issues with charges, co-pays, or fees
  • Provide information about how to access mental health, substance abuse, primary health, and other community services
  • Respond to any complaints or problems with the services you are receiving and provide assistance with filing a grievance and appeal

West Michigan CMH also partners with the Lakeshore Regional Entity for customer service. The Lakeshore Regional Entity will direct calls regarding complaints to the West Michigan CMH Customer Services Department, but will also handle any appeals that a person we serve or family member may have.

To contact Lakeshore Regional Entity Customer Service, please call 855-815-5224.


Additional Resources

For more information that may be beneficial to you or your family member’s care, feel free to explore the links below.

Commitment to Confidentiality

West Michigan CMH values the trust placed in it by consumers and the public. In order to maintain this high level of trust, West Michigan CMH has adopted a number of policies that address confidentiality; Recipient Rights, Code of Ethics, and HIPAA. West Michigan CMH has assigned a Privacy Officer (our Director of Corporate Compliance and Risk Management) and a Security Officer (our Director of Information Technology) to ensure compliance with the most recent aspects of HIPAA regulations.

Employees may become knowledgeable of consumers, consumer issues, and other confidential information through their employment with West Michigan CMH even though they may not be directly involved in providing care for the particular consumer or directly involved in the issue.  In all instances, the requirement of confidentiality applies not only during the term of employment with West Michigan CMH, but also after their employment relationship with the Agency ends.  Until the stigma of mental illness is eliminated, every member of our staff must uphold the critical importance of protecting the confidentiality of those we serve in every circumstance.

Further information about confidentiality can be found below:

Language Assistance & Accommodations

Corporate Compliance

Grievance and Appeals


A grievance is an expression of dissatisfaction about service issues. You have the right to say that you are unhappy with your services or supports, or the staff who provide them, by filing a grievance. You can file a grievance any time by visiting, writing to or calling Customer Services at (800) 992-2061. Once you file a grievance it will be resolved within 60 calendar days. If you are a Medicaid beneficiary and your grievance is not resolved within 60 days, you have the right to the Medicaid Fair Hearing process


An appeal is a request to review an adverse action. You will be given a notice of action when a decision is made that denies your request for services or reduces, suspends or terminates the services you already receive. You have the right to file an appeal when you do not agree with such a decision. There are time limits on when you can file an appeal once you receive a decision about your services.

If you have Medicaid and received an Advance Notice of Action involving the termination, suspension or reduction of a service that is currently authorized, you may request to have your services continue while your appeal is pending if you file an appeal within 12 calendar days and the original authorization period has not expired. If services are continued, we have the right to ask you to repay the cost of these services if the hearing or appeal upholds the original decision, or if you withdraw your appeal or hearing request, or if you or your representative does not attend the hearing.

To find more information regarding the appeal process you may follow this link to the Michigan Administrative Hearing System, or call the Lake Shore Region Entities customer service department at 800-897-3301.