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Below you’ll find a variety of contracts, manuals, and other resources for community providers working in contract with West Michigan CMH.

If you have questions related to service agreements/contracts with WMCMH please email

Application and Manuals

Provider Application/Pre-Application Packet (PDF)

Recipient Rights Policies

2-02-01 Care Planning Documentation and Coordination (PDF)
2-02-06 Person Centered Planning (PDF)
2-05-01 Informed Consent Pertaining to CMH Services (PDF)
2-06-01 Single Entry Screening and Initial Assessment Procedures (PDF)
2-09-01 Behavior Treatment Committee (PDF)
2-10-01 Medication Services (PDF)
2-10-02 Agency Procedures for Accessing Medication Services (PDF)
2-10-03 Medication Administration and Management (PDF)
2-10-04 Medication Errors (PDF)
2-10-07 Medication Non-Compliance (PDF)
4-02-01 Code of Ethics (PDF)

5-01-01 Recipient Rights (PDF)
5-01-02 Recipient Rights Appeal Process for Complaints (PDF)
5-2-1.2 Release of Information (PDF)
5-02-02 Fingerprinting Recipients (PDF)
5-02-03 Sterilization, Abortion and Contraception (PDF)
5-02-05 Seclusion and Restraint (PDF)
5-02-06 Freedom of Movement, Lease Restrictive Setting (PDF)
5-02-07 Recipients Property and Funds (PDF)
5-02-08 Physical Restraint (PDF)
5-02-10 Reporting Abuse and Neglect (PDF)
5-03-01 Treatment by Spiritual Means (PDF)
5-03-02 Resident Labor (PDF)
5-03-03 Communication (PDF)
5-03-04 Right to Entertainment Materials, Information, News (PDF)
5-04-01 Substance Use Disorder RR (PDF)

State Requirements

Medicaid Provider Manual
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Reporting Requirements