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West Michigan CMH provides numerous trainings throughout the year. We welcome all contracted providers in the community to these trainings as we believe the information provided in them will help us improve our work and better serve our community.

To get informed on the specific trainings we offer and how they function, please see the information below.


Lakeshore Learning Management System

West Michigan CMH uses the Lakeshore Learning Management System (Lakeshore LMS) as its platform for classroom and online training courses. This learning platform uses a self-registration system in which each student registers for both the online and classroom courses they wish to complete.

Login to the Lakeshore LMS site.


Classroom Training

While we do provide a variety of trainings through the Lakeshore LMS, we also provide face-to-face Mandt trainings for providers in our catchment area.

Mandt System training includes three days of courses. The essential goal of the training is to teach and reinforce to provider and internal CMH staff the importance of positive, healthy relationships with the people we serve. It also introduces a systematic approach on handling escalated situations appropriately and effectively.

Below you’ll find the Mandt training schedule, along with expectations of classroom trainings.


Classroom Schedule

Initial Training Dates
March 8, 15, 22
May 10, 17, 24
July 12, 19, 26
September 13, 20, 27
November 8, 15, 22


Recertification Training Dates
February 6, 20
March 13
April 10, 24
May 15
June 12, 26
July 17
August 7, 21
September 11
October 9, 23
November 13

See Classroom Requirements (PDF)


Classroom Training Expectations

  1. Students must sign the attendance sheet when arriving to a class.
  2. Students are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks along with them. They may eat these during the class. Small breaks will also be given throughout the training day.
  3. West Michigan CMH is a smoke-free campus.
  4. It is expected that students will not work third shift prior to a morning and/or all-day training.
  5. Students who are visibly ill may be asked to leave the class to reduce the spread of infection.
  6. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a positive manner. This includes punctuality, attentiveness, and participation.
  7. Students must demonstrate competency throughout all skill demonstrations and must attain at least 100% on all written tests.
  8. Physical Skills Demonstrations: If a student has a pre-existing condition that would prevent him or her from safely participating in a physical skills demonstration (i.e. assisting techniques or restraining techniques), the supervisor should contact the Mandt Trainer. These students will be able to discuss alternative options for completion of the technical/physical skills demonstrations.
  9. Cell phones should only be used during break times unless in the event of an emergency.
  10. Clothing should be appropriate to move freely for physical skill demonstrations. Skirts, dresses, high heels, and/or sandals are not recommended. Dressing in layers is recommended as it allows you to adjust your temperature to your own comfort level.


A no-show for any class will be charged $20.

Late Arrivals

10 minutes after the scheduled start time of a class, the instructor reserves the right to turn away late arrivals. Late arrivals not admitted to class are considered no-shows and will be charged $20 for the missed class.

Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis given extenuating circumstances. These individuals will be instructed to enroll in a future class.

If a $20 no-show fee is not paid within 60 days, enrollment for future classroom courses and online courses will be denied. Enrollments will be processed again after the fees have been fully paid.****


Class Cancellation Policy

Low Enrollment: If there are less than 4 people registered for a course, the class may be cancelled the day prior to the scheduled class. Supervisors will receive a phone call notification if a classroom course has been cancelled.