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Narcan Vending Machines in Each WMCMH Main Office

August 29, 2022
This may just look like a regular vending machine, but it is actually our newest tool in saving lives!
This machine is filled with Narcan, an opioid reversal agent that can stop overdoses and save lives, which residents will be able to access for FREE.
Between 2018 and 2020, 23 residents of Lake, Mason, and Oceana Counties died as a result of a drug overdose involving an opioid.
Although residents can get Narcan for free, getting it into the hands of individuals who are at risk of overdose, or their loved ones can be a challenge. These machines will provide an easy access point right in each of our locations’ lobbies located at:
Mason County: 920 Diana St., Ludington
Phone: (231) 845-6294
Oceana County: 105 Lincoln St., Hart
Phone: (231) 873-2108
Lake County: 1090 N. Michigan Ave., Baldwin
Phone: (231) 745-4659
Thank you to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for making this possible!
If anyone in our community is struggling with substance use issues and would like to get help, you can call any of our locations to learn more about how we can help you work towards remission and recovery. A licensed and highly qualified professional will be glad to meet with you and discuss your needs and potential service options. Our toll free number is 1-800-992-2061.
Lori Schummer is the Director of Public Relations and Customer Services at West Michigan Community Mental Health. She may be reached by calling (231) 843-5485 or email