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New care model at West Michigan CMH

October 6, 2020

West Michigan CMH is making changes to some aspects of how we provide services to the consumers we serve. The goal is to ensure people get all the services they need and that they are provided by the staff person best-suited to help. Th goal is still the same: support consumers in their recovery and lives. Below is a picture of what this might look like for a consumer:

Some consumers will see some differences, some will not. Below are some changes that you might see:

  • A new planner: Most consumers will have a new clinician added to their team.   This person is called a Clinical Service Planner. Their job is to complete your Individual Plan of Service (IPOS) with you at least annually or more often if there is change to the services you receive.
  • A new annual assessor: Most consumers will have their annual assessment provided by a clinician in our Access department.   This assessment used to be provided by one of your treatment team members, but a clinician who is not on your team will provide it. This ensures that someone can review your situation with a new perspective and ensure you get the services you need to help you best.
  • Possible changes to Treatment Team providers: Consumers may see some of their team members change. This is due to some staff taking on new positions in the new care model. All consumers will be notified of any changes, introduced to any new team members, and supported during the change.
  • More focus on physical health: We know that physical health is important to one’s mental health and overall well-being. Our staff will be helping to ensure your physical health needs are taken care of in the best way possible and will support you in taking the steps your medical provider recommends to you.
  • More specialty services to help address goals: Our new model ensures that staff who have training in specialty areas will be more available to meet with you. This may include but not limited to the following areas:
    • Difficulties with past trauma in your life
    • Employment concerns
    • Substance Use concerns
    • Physical health
    • Smoking concerns
    • Housing
    • Others

If you have any questions about the WMCMH care model, please contact your care manager.