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We are pleased that you have an interest in employment opportunities with our organization.

This website will provide you with information about us, about the communities in which we provide services, about our current job openings, and about the benefits of being a member of the West Michigan Community Mental Health team. We welcome you to learn more about us and look forward to learning more about you, as well. Thank you for your interest.

"At WMCMH, I’m a valued team member, and they help me grow professionally and personally. I believe my work makes a difference in people’s lives and in the community.”

Quality & Innovation Coordinator

"I love working and being a part of a team that I believe in whole heartedly. Every single function at WMCMH and all of the staff is part of the commitment to recovery – far before the consumer is even introduced to us and long after they have gone.”


"After more than 36 years working within the community mental health system, I undeniably enjoy it! Throughout my various and current roles within administration, I can attest that my tasks are never boring and that working with the recipients of our services, the governing board and staff at all levels continues to provide me with countless experiences that are both memorable and rewarding.”

Regulations & Rights Advisor

"The time spent at WMCMH has provided me the unique opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. I truly believe this organization continues to impact the surrounding communities for the greater good. As WMCMH continues to embrace a culture of recovery, I find myself incredibly privileged to witness many of the changes the consumers we serve make.”

Scott, LLMSW
Mental Health Clinician

"I find working with the clients at CMH to be personally rewarding. Helping them learn life skills, work ethics, and group participation skills has its day-to-day challenges; however, when I witness the progress that they've made in their everyday lives, I feel honored knowing that I've helped in their achievements.”

Community & Employment Program Specialist

"I have been working at WMCMH for the past 5 years. I always feel supported here, whether in my pursuit of further education or professionally. I am continually enveloped by people who care. It is wonderful to not only love what you do, but to also love the environment in which you work. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Youth Services Coordinator