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A Brighter Future Can Be Yours

By Cindy

Before I came to WMCMH, I was devastated by a horrible divorce that left me mentally, physically, and emotionally drained. I was a shattered version of myself.  I was in a few mental hospitals and I struggled to regain what I could of myself.  During this time, I learned that I had Bi-Polar Disorder, with severe depression.  I worked with a counselor and tried various approaches, but my counselor still worried that I was very suicidal.

When I first came to WMCMH, I was on the ACT team, this group enabled me to take the first steps towards becoming part of society again. Throughout my time on ACT my confidence began to grow and, even though I had many times where I lost heart, the ACT team gave me very important hope that there was light at the end of the tunnel.  Eventually I moved into DBT where I took my first steps toward reclaiming myself and my life. While in DBT I learned many amazing skills that I use to this very day!

During my time in DBT, I lost my mother and my skills were pushed to the limit.  There were days that I didn’t believe I could go on, and, if it wasn’t for the important skills I learned, I don’t know if I would have made it.  After getting through the loss of my mother, I went back to DBT.  I continued to develop more confidence and started to believe that a better life may still be within my grasp.   I had many trials and challenges.  I handled some of these trials better than others, but I had faith that the darkness that used to pervade my existence was weakening.

As I proceeded with my recovery, my father suddenly passed away.   This was a terrible time for me. WMCMH staff helped me use my coping skills and take my medications and, even during this terrible time, I was able to stay focused. Between medications, counseling, and my new skills, I got through not only the loss and stress of losing my father, but managed to stay on top of my ever present Bi-Polar disorder. My recovery was at times non-existent.  I struggled with depression, immense stress, and lack of self-worth.

There was a time that I believed my life was going well, or so I thought.  Then I was given the news that I had cancer! “Oh my God! What next?,” I screamed out at life.  After some time, I remembered and used the skills that I learned from my time at WMCMH, and I was able to face this difficult twist.

I still struggle, even today, but because of WMCMH and the staff that supported me, I am better able to manage the stresses and the ups and downs of my disorder. I finally feel that the dark cloud of despair has lifted, and that the promise of a new day is mine!! On this side, looking back over my journey of recovery, I am overwhelmed at all that has transpired.  Now I am actually able to give back in measure to WMCMH by being a member of the Consumer Advisory Panel.

I promise you that recovery is real!! I promise you that, if you take small steps and avail yourself of the skills and support you can receive from WMCMH, a brighter future can be yours!!!